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A Quick Guide to Water Damage Reconstruction

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As a contractor, you’ll agree that delivering services in an efficient and timely manner makes for a successful business. Therefore, it’s no wonder that setbacks like water damage can jeopardize your efforts. So, you should invest in reliable water damage reconstruction services whenever water damage threatens your progress.

A Quick Guide to Water Damage Reconstruction

Water damage reconstruction restores any water-damaged property to its former glory. It typically follows a five-step plan:

  1. Inspection. Conducting a thorough water damage assessment is necessary for any water damage reconstruction. It involves water damage professionals identifying the water source, its level of contamination, and the severity of the water damage. This information is important in guiding the restoration plan.
  2. Extracting the Water. Depending on its reach and quantity, the water damage professional may utilize different tools and techniques to remove water from a property. For instance, standing water is usually extracted using submersible pumps, while surface water is removed using portable vacuums.
  3. Drying and Dehumidification. All the water must be removed from the property to prevent further damage. Therefore, the property is usually tested for residual water and dried completely using sophisticated equipment like commercial-grade humidifiers or heavy-duty fans.
  4. Antimicrobial Application. Mold, fungi, and mildew thrive on water-damaged surfaces, so it’s essential to take preventative measures to avoid this. These measures involve sanitizing the now-dry surfaces and applying antimicrobial solutions to them to prevent any growths from sprouting.
  5. Reconstruction. Once the water damage professionals are satisfied that the surface is free from moisture and microbes, they will tear down any extensively damaged parts and replace them with new ones.

Whenever you have a water damage issue, you can count on our team here at Ault Restoration to help you through the entire water reconstruction process. Give us a call today.