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Signs That You Need Floor Water Damage Repair

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Floor water damage is a headache for many contractors. It sneaks up on you and can get you an undeserved bad review, which is why you should always be on your toes to avoid it. However, there are certain times when even the keenest eye cannot detect a leaky or broken pipe during construction. The good news is a few early signs can inform you that a floor water damage repair is needed before it gets out of hand.

Signs That You Need Floor Water Damage Repair

  • Buckling. Buckling occurs when water seeps between the flooring and subflooring. This causes the floor to detach, bend, and peel upwards, indicating that you need urgent water damage repair.
  • Crowning. Sometimes, water leaks can dry out after buckling the floor. As a result, the floor will shrink on the underside, creating a raised point near the middle and lower points towards the edges of your floor.
  • Discoloration. Moist patches beneath the floor are prime breeding grounds for mold and mildew. These growths will discolor parts of the floor, making them easy to spot.
  • Warping. Another sign that you need urgent floor water damage repair is warping, which occurs when the floor becomes bumpy and uneven. The bumps may occasionally bubble, peel, or crack, causing extensive damage to the floor.
  • Cupping. Depressed floor planks are another sign of floor water damage. They form when the planks absorb excessive moisture and curl from the edges, resulting in a lower point towards the middle section.

If you ever spot any of these signs, reach out to our floor water damage repair team at Ault Restoration. We will help you avoid any costly damages.